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2018-05-23 5D4 Camp Wycliffe Pwo Karen O


Here are some prayer requests from us, our partners, missionaries and communities that we work with. 








Prayer Topics for June 2022 

1. Wycliffe Thai Foundation Chiang Mai Office Building:

The board members of the Wycliffe Thai Foundation have a resolution to construct the Wycliffe Thai Foundation, Chiang Mai office building and have appointed 5 office building construction committees to carry out various activities. Please pray for

1.1 Price comparison and selection of construction companies. Pray for God's guidance in choosing a good construction company. This stage is going to happen in early June 2022.

1.2 Adequate construction budget. The Foundation has decided to divide the building into 2 phases, which are the building structure phase + system work and the decoration + sanitary ware and equipment phase. 

2.  The Journey No. 2, Bangkok:

Wycliffe Thai Foundation and Maitri Chit Langsuan Church are organizing the 2nd “The Journey” activity to be held on July 2, 2022, at Maitri Chit Langsuan Church. This program aims to campaign and promote mission work.  Participants can walk through a simulated missionary life beginning from the time a missionary is called to work to the time when he is working in the field. pray for

        2.1 Participants will gain knowledge and understanding about the life of missionaries.  They will participate in prayer, offering and consecration

               as if they were a real missionary going into the field.

        2.2 Overcoming the hurdles associated with the epidemic so that there will be 120 people participating in the activities according to the goals

               and 40 base facilitators.

               Apply now 👉🏻

               Contact to inquire 0641255522 (Mr. Cherry) or add line

3. Full Immersion English Experience:

English is very important in cross-cultural ministries. Wycliffe Thai Foundation recognizes this importance. Therefore, a program that focuses on speaking English for communication will be held on July 15-29, 2022, in Chiang Mai Province.  We want to help Thai people who are doing missions and working with foreigners or help inspire students who are interested in cross-cultural work and want to build confidence in communicating in English. You can apply to join the program at


4. Mission Prayer Meeting: Mission Prayer connects the heart of the one who is praying to the people who have received the prayer. Wycliffe organized a prayer for the people who Wycliffe serves and for those who want the gospel. In the prayer meeting, field ministers are invited to share their ministry every last Tuesday of the month. This year will begin on the last Tuesday of June 2022.


5. Camp Wycliffe:

Each year, there are 30 cross-cultural ministries interested in finding Christians from both Thailand and abroad.  We have had at least two decide to commit to full-time cross-cultural ministry. Due to the situation of the covid epidemic Wycliffe Thai Foundation was unable to organize such activities, but we thank God that this year Wycliffe Thai Foundation will be able to organize a Camp Wycliffe event in the North-eastern region of Mukdahan Province in November 2022. Please pray for

5.1 There are 30 Thai and foreign applicants who will participate in the activity

5.2 Location, Dong Luang District, Mukdahan Province. That villagers will cooperate in welcoming and that the hosts are able to provide local cultural knowledge and understanding to the participants

5.3 The epidemic situation to settle and that it does not hinder the activities



Praise Items: March - May

1.  Mission in Action Plus (MIA plus): The four mission organizations took the responsibility. The meeting will be on 30 June. 

2.  The Journey 2022: Praise the Lord for having all base facilitators. Everyone seems really want to have this program happen. The church willingly

     provides all the need. Now there are 27 people registered. The registration date was extended to the end of June. 

3.  The annual board meeting: The board meeting on 26 March  was responded really well from the board. The board decided to build the office

      building. There are 5 people were appointed to be a construction committees.

4.  Church Engagement:

            - The Kairos on 7th-11th, March: The program was run very well. Tik and Tharawat led the program. Wycliffe people, Opel and                         Natt also joined the interview part.  Praise the Lord that Tharawat had chance to talk with those students. Praise the Lord that                     the lesson will grow 

               in the lives of them. 

            -  24 hour-prayer: Wycliffe Thai member joined in leading this program. Many people recognized Wycliffe Thai members.

            -  Perspectives: Tharawat facilitated the lesson 9 "The remain Task". Praise the Lord that this lesson open a chance for Tharawat to


                Wycliffe ministry to the participants. 

            -  Joint Partnership Event: This program was run on 21 May. Praise the Lord, there were 61 people joint the event. A lady wrote the


               to Wycliffe Thai that she thanked God for participating the event. This helped her to understand the need of the bible in the


               language. She said that even there are many languages but only one meaning. 

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