2018-05-23 5D4 Camp Wycliffe Pwo Karen O


Here are some prayer requests from us, our partners, missionaries and communities that we work with. 

  1. 1. Virtual Trip: Wycliffe Thailand is going to have its Virtual Trip on 3rd July. This time, we cross the region from the west of Thailand to the east of Thailand to the neighboring country of Laos. We are going to lead people to see the important of literacy. Pray that many people will see and understand how it is particularly important to help people in literacy. Ing Raw, a Wycliffe Thailand member who is working in Mukdahan, will share her life and her ministry. Ask God to speak through her so that Thai people will see the needs of the people in the region and act by praying and giving.

  2. 2. Kairos: This year Wycliffe Thai Foundation was asked to help in providing a Kairos course for Chiang Mai Theology Seminary students. This course will be held from the 19th to the 23rd of July at the seminary. Pray for the target attendance of 15 people (including students) participating in the course. Pray that these people will be motivated to be involved in His missions.

  3. 3. Cooperation between mission organizations: OMF, OM, SIM and Wycliffe Thai Foundation will be meeting to talk about how missions organizations can work together to mobilize the church in Thailand for missions. Talk about cooperation had surfaced at the beginning of the year, and there have been three meetings since March. The four organizations will summarize the objectives of the partnership and decide on the name to be used for church mobilisation in Thailand in July. Pray for the wisdom and unity in expanding God’s kingdom in Thailand and beyond.

  4. 4. “Dum Na Ha Hi” event: The rainy season is the season for growing rice. This year, the Wycliffe Thai Foundation came up with the idea to raise money for the office building and literacy projects in Laos by using the rice activity to bring people to be involved in missions. Normally, farmers grow rice in July. As such, the “Dum Na Ha Hi” event will be held in the last week of July. Wycliffe Thailand will promote the event by having people “Dum Na-growing rice”. People who attend the event will experience growing rice with the local farmers and listen to Wycliffe Ministry's office building project and literacy project. Before attending the event, each person must register and pay a fee of 300 Baht. Pray for the safety of the people in the event and that there will not be any COVID-19 cases arising from it. Pray that many people, be it Thais or expatriates, will be willing to join the event.



  1. 1. Thank God that the certificate from the Architect Council for the construction permit was sent to Wycliffe Thai Foundation office in the last week of June. The drawing was sent right away to the local office for approval.

  2. 2. The workshop “Production of Teaching Materials Through Creative Principles” was successfully held from 7th to 18th June. There were 12 participants in the workshop. It was a great opportunity for three Wycliffe Thai members to practice what they have been learning and relate their experience in serving in the field.

  3. 3. “When the Plang Needs the Bible”, June's Virtual Trip, was completed successfully. Many people were encouraged and motivated by the Bible translation movement in Myanmar. Many expressed that they learnt that Bible translation and literacy impacted all levels of the people in the community, a thought which had not previously occurred to them. 

  4. 4. The Mukdahan office has obtained the letter from the provincial property division for paper declaration within 30 days in July.

  5. 5. The budget for FY2022 has been completed. Man may plan, but God is the one who provide for His work.