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In order to further world missions, Wycliffe Thailand's church engagement strategies include... 


•Provide opportunities, activities and the environment for Thais to learn about and ignite passion in their local churches for Bible translation and global missions.

•Provide media, educational missions resources and training for local churches, schools and at community events.

•Provide hands-on events, internships, and short-term trips that facilitate the growth of passion for missions in churches and her ability to send and support missionaries.


Participants in Wycliffe Thai activities will grow in knowledge and vision of global missions and return to advocate for and ignite missions passion in their local churches.


The church in Thailand is mature, generous and passionately sending cross-cultural workers to other Southeast Asian nations.


•Provide Thai churches and individuals opportunities for long-term mission involvement throughout Southeast Asia. 

•Build practical capacity in individuals and churches to commit to long-term missionary service.

•Foster strong relationships and strategic local partnerships between Thai churches, other missions organizations and Bibleless language communities.


Individuals, local churches and businesses will devote themselves to participating in missions and Bible translation and language related ministries, eg. literacy, Scripture engagement and Ethno Arts.


Communities reached are transformed to become churches that are also mature, generous and sending missionaries to their neighbors.



•Build strong international partnerships and friendships.


•Serve like-minded missions organizations in the region.

•Offer opportunities for international churches to personally connect with Thai churches.

•Establish viable funding partnerships by which international donors can contribute to the work in SE Asia.


Wycliffe Thai Foundation is a channel through which international churches and organizations can connect with the Thai church and together serve minority language groups in Thailand and SE Asia.


International partners linked with local churches and agencies and serving minority people groups in SE Asia.


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